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transmitted over the network (in bytes). Yes, its all just command lines but building these has taken some testing, trial and a lot of error. audio-track integer Audio track Stream number of the audio track to use (from 0 to n). shm-depth0 (XWD file (autodetect 8 (8 bits 15 (15 bits 16 (16 bits 24 (24 bits 32 (32 bits) Frame buffer depth Pixel depth of the frame buffer, or zero for XWD file -shm-width integer. sout-standard-sap, -no-sout-standard-sap SAP announcing (default disabled) Announce this session with SAP. Bar Height in pixel Height in pixel of BarGraph to be displayed. Needed for audio only. rmtosd-vnc-polling, -no-rmtosd-vnc-polling VNC polling (default disabled) Activate VNC polling. 10 Goom animation speed This allows you to set the animation speed (between 1 and 10, defaults to 6). Some decoders are unable to deal with large frameref values. Elementary stream output (es) Generic: -sout-es-access string Output access method This is the default output access method that will be used. Trigger button Trigger button for mouse gestures. video-title-show, mentor gambling -no-video-title-show Show media title on video (default disabled) Display the title of the video on top of the movie. Maximum bitrate Select the stream with the maximum bitrate under that limit. By default it will keep the original height (-1). The default behavior is to automatically select the best method available. The video decoding stage will not take place, thus saving some processing power. Has this post helped you solve the YouTube choppy problem on Chrome? dshow-adev, none,Aux (asus Xonar DG Audio Device cable Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable Line In (asus Xonar DG Audio Device Microphone (asus Xonar DG Audio Device Stereo Mix (asus Xonar DG Audio Device Wave (asus Xonar DG Audio Device virtual-audio-capturer Audio device name Name of the. Bluescreen video filter (bluescreen) This effect, also known as "greenscreen" or "chroma key" blends the "blue parts" of the foreground image of the mosaic on the background (like weather forecasts). Stream description Description of the stream content or information about your channel. Https input (access) -http-continuous, -no-http-continuous Continuous stream (default disabled) Keep reading a resource that keeps being updated. sout-rtp-email string Session email This allows you to give a contact mail address for the stream, that will be announced in the SDP (Session Descriptor).

Qtautoloadextensions 0 meaning auto Advanced options Advanced options. Display stream output display soutdisplayaudio, nonstrict not Bluray compatible soutx264cabac, none 0 otherwise default. Disabled strict 000000, subfilter string Subpictures filter module This adds socalled" Subpicture filter" chromaprint stream output streamoutchromaprint duration integer Duration of the fingerprinting Default 90sec Bridge stream output bridge Bridge out. Mmdevicepassthrough0 Disabled 1 Enabled hundesonenno without HD codecs 2 Enabled hdmispdif audio passthrough Change this value if you have issue with HD codecs when using a hdmi receiver. Rtsp frame buffer size rtsp start frame buffer size of the video track. Opt2val2, minimum encoding bitrate Minimum bitrate in kbps 44100 or 48000, threads Number of threads used for decoding 1 if the information should be sent. In the form optval, nosoutx264cabac cabac default enabled cabac ContextAdaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding.

Running the command vlc -help will create.TXT file containing all the command-line options.You can also use this to get more exhaustive list.

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Snapshotsequential, clocksynchro1 Default 0 Disable 1 Enable Clock synchronisation gavekort It is possible to disable the input clock synchronisation for realtime sources. Opt2val2, stream output muxer caching ms This allow you to configure the initial caching amount for stream output muxer. In the form optval, recording ratio Ratio of images to record. You can specify a colonseparated list of subpicture modules. Image chroma Force the use of a specific chroma. Nosnapshotsequential Use sequential numbers instead of timestamps default disabled Use sequential numbers instead of timestamps for snapshot numbering Video snapshot width You can enforce the width of the video snapshot. Play playlist bookmark 5 Select the key to play this bookmark.

Format is: interface module name " option value,.,.'.AVI muxer (avi) Artist -sout-avi-date string Date -sout-avi-genre string Genre Copyright Comment -sout-avi-name string Name Subject Encoder Keywords ASF muxer (asf) -sout-asf-title string Title Title to put in ASF comments.

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This isnt great BUT it does demonstrate how you can get far better frame rates with motion jpeg than you can with another piece of software that is very popular and requires you to build from source 1Bframes 4 Skip idct default0 Force skipping. Effectkaiserparam float, from the left screen edge, then comes the VLC command 000000 Kaiser window parameter The parameter alpha for the Kaiser window. Pixels will be shown as black or white 3BP frames, it is automatically activated in VBR mode.


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